Share Your Hotel Video Reviews on Hotel Confidential

Got a hotel stay coming up? Become a Hotel Confidential agent and share your hotel video reviews on Hotel Confidential. The best part is, you don't have to be a professional filmmaker to make a review. All you need is a smartphone!

Here's how it works. During your hotel stay, shoot 4 videos of different areas of the hotel, including your room. For example, you could make a video of your room, the lobby, the gym, and the view from the rooftop infinity pool. In your video, talk about your experience at the hotel, what you liked or didn't like, and any tips you have for future guests. Travelers trust online reviews by fellow travelers, and your video reviews will help other people research and plan their own trips.

Now, when you book your hotel stay at, you can earn $25 cash for your hotel video review!

    How To Create A Hotel Video Review

  • 1. You must create and upload 4 short (less than 60-second) videos per hotel.
  • 2. Video reviews must include separate videos for room, lobby, surroundings/exterior, and one additional video.
  • 3. All videos must contain a spoken narration.
  • 4. When you book your hotel stay ($100/night minimum) at, your review qualifies for a $25 reward. The $25 will be paid via PayPal after your videos are successfully uploaded.
  • 5. You must apply first using the form below and receive a confirmation in order to qualify for the $25 reward.
Watch the training video

Apply To Review A Hotel

When you book your hotel stay ($100/night minimum) at, you can earn $25 for your review. Sign up here to apply to review your first hotel. Once we approve the hotel, go shoot your review. We'll pay you $25 after you upload 4 or more videos.

To apply to review additional hotels, please email And please drop us a line if you have any questions or feedback about the site. We're all ears.

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Quick Tips

Use these quick tips to make a great video review in 60 seconds or less.

  • 1. While shooting your video review, tell us what you love about the place and what you wish you could change. Be authentic and have fun with it.
  • 2. Keep your phone steady and don't move too fast when walking around to give the viewer a clear sense of the place.
  • 3. Keep your videos to 60 seconds or less.
  • 4. Always shoot in landscape mode.
  • 5. Plan your shots and be conscious of your shooting. Remember: Keep the camera steady, keep the sun behind you, avoid shooting toward windows, and try to find a quiet place.
  • 6. Shoot four separate, short reviews including: the room, neighborhood, lobby, pool, restaurant, or other aspects of the hotel.
  • 7. Download the Hotel Confidential app for iPhone—the app makes shooting and uploading your videos even easier! If you don’t have an iPhone, you can upload your videos directly to Hotel Confidential from your computer.

Sample Video Review

We’re bringing show and tell to hotel reviews—because one or the other just isn’t enough. At Hotel Confidential, genuine video clips done by real travelers give you a sense of place and space. Reviews just don’t get more authentic than this. Check out the sample to see how it's done.